Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Fun

Summer seems to be here a little sooner than expected! The weather forecast on the radio is calling for 105 degrees today in downtown Sacramento! Whew!

While we finish out this final week of school, you might already be thinking about your summer plans! Here are a few ideas to get your started or to spark some creativity!

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However, I want to stress that down time is really important and kids/tweens/teens DO need time to just relax and play! (Especially if your school year has been filled with extracurricular activities, performances, etc.) For younger children, this may mean unstructured play time with family and friends - maybe scheduling a few of those days where you do "nothing" or just spend the afternoon in the backyard! For tweens and teens, family time is important, but they also need to stay connected to their friends and keep those relationships strong (this is developmentally appropriate and necessary!) Some of the best memories from my teen years were summer adventures with friends (no parents!), staying up late, going new places and laughing/talking for hours!

You can use this pre-made list of summer activities or make your own with your kids! Find out what they want to do this summer and some of the things they're looking forward to. Teens can make these too!
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Download full-size copies of these lists for HERE!

If you like art and are the creative type,  HERE are some low-budget ways to keep kids busy all summer long!
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Here's a Best and Worst List for Teens from a Parent Perspective!

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If you have tweens or teens, here are some ideas and meaningful opportunities in the greater Sacramento area (hopefully to unglue them from their electronic devices for a few hours!)

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City of Sacramento - Youth Opportunities & Resources

City of Roseville - Community Volunteer Opportunities (Sacramento and Placer Counties)

Parks Leadership Academy for Youth - Natomas

For those of you that love to read, here are some suggestions!


The Great Big Book of Feelings
Mary Hoffman / Illustrated:  Ros Asquith
A great blog post from Playing by the Book discussing the book and a fun activity. This book comes in Spanish and also has an accompanying book about families.

Big Questions from Little People: And Simple Answers from Great Minds
Gemma Elwin Harris
I recently discovered this book and I can't wait to read it myself! If your child is at the age where they are asking a lot of questions about the world around them - then this is for you! Food for the curious mind! You can read more about this book here.


This Star Won't Go Out
Esther Earl

The life and words of Esther Earl, who passed away from thyroid cancer complications at the age of sixteen. An inspiring and passionate teen who dreamed of being an author. Read more about Esther and the foundation started in her memory:

They Stood Alone
Sandra McLeod Humphrey
Read about twenty-five extraordinary men and women who had the courage to stand up for what they believed in and follow their dreams - even when everyone around them said they were wrong. Read more about this book here:

Brainstorm and Parenting From the Inside Out
Dan J. Siegel, M.D. 

Dr. Siegel is currently a clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. Brainstorm focuses on how brain development impacts teen behavior and relationships. Parenting From the Inside Out is great for any parent, and provides insight into how our childhood experiences shape the way we parent our children. To learn more about Dr. Siegel, please visit his webpage.

Be sure to stay connected to the Counseling Corner Blog over the summer!

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